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Search Engine Made Simple Tutorial


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The rules of thumb....

Use Canadian search engines for canada (.ca) for best results


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Who   ~   What    ~   Where

search  who & where

or what and where

or what who & where

and search a phrase or part phrase when possible in quotes "ABC".

Upper case or lower case doesn't matter in most search engines

eg:   Finding a glass shop in Provost.

Your search term to type in would be;     

Glass Provost

or   glass shops provost

or  glass repairs provost

or   window repairs provost

or replacement windows

or replacement glass

or "windows provost alberta"

Try it as a phrase ( "in Quotes" ) if the website has the words listed together

etc etc etc. (but no underline)     :>)

Keep it  simple and think of the way you look things  up in the yellow pages.

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Sometimes you might be looking for a title of a movie or book

Type in the full name of the title in Quotations as follows

(What) "The Call Of The Wild"  (Quotes are used to find a specific Phrase or Title)

Want to find it in Alberta?

Then No quotes

The Call Of The Wild alberta

or   "The call of the wild" + alberta

It's actually quite straight forward once you get the hang of it.

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Below are a series of basic search tips for most of the more popular search engines.



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Give it a try with the links above.

be prepared to sort through a bit of unrelated links...

That unfortunately is sometimes just a part of the web.

More Tips

"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it."
             --Samuel Johnson, 1744

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NOTE: These tips will work with most search engines in their basic search option.

bulletUse the plus (+) and minus (-) signs in front of words to force their inclusion and/or exclusion in searches.
EXAMPLE:   +meat  -potatoes
(NO space between the sign and the keyword)
bulletUse double quotation marks (" ") around phrases to ensure they are searched exactly as is, with the words side by side in the same order.
EXAMPLE:   "bye bye miss american pie"
(Do NOT put quotation marks around a single word.)
bulletPut your most important keywords first in the string.
EXAMPLE:   dog breed family pet choose
bulletType keywords and phrases in lower case to find both lower and upper case versions. Typing capital letters will usually return only an exact match.
EXAMPLE:   president retrieves both president and President
bulletUse truncation (or stemming) and wildcards (e.g., *) to look for variations in spelling and word form.
EXAMPLE:    librar* returns library, libraries, librarian, etc.
EXAMPLE:   : colo*r returns color (American spelling) and colour (British spelling)
bulletCombine phrases with keywords, using the double quotes and the plus (+) and/or minus (-) signs.
EXAMPLE:  +cowboys +"wild west" -football -dallas
(In this case, if you use a keyword with a +sign, you must put the +sign in front of the phrase as well. When searching for a phrase alone, the +sign is not necessary.)
bulletWhen searching within a document for the location of your keyword(s), use the "find" command on that page.



Which Search Page Should I Use When, and How?
Use . . . If You . . . Using the Feature . . .
Lycos have no good ideas for specific search strategies best test results for broad search terms
" " want to find someone's e-mail People Finder.
Magellan have more than one broad search word, or can't pick a site from Lycos' summaries. best available results summaries.
" " want interactive news/ want details on today's headlines. news with links to related sites.
OpenText want to search only document title or perform complex searches title search specification, best advanced search interface.
Alta Vista are hunting for an image image:search_word syntax.
" " want to find all the links to your page +link:your_site -url:your_site syntax.
Yahoo! want the best national and international news Reuters world headlines.
" " want a dictionary or other reference source Dictionaries or Reference Libraries.

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Hope these tips help....    Happy Hunting!

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